Conference call etiquette

Most businesses are looking for efficient and innovative ways to increase both profits and productivity. Free conference calls offer a cost effective alternative to face to face meetings. An instant conference call is much more convenient and effective than traditional meetings at one location. The popularity of free conference calls is only increasing with time and conference call etiquette is now at the forefront.

Small business conference calls can take you to the next level, but you have to remember these free conference calls etiquette tips:

Be Prompt

There is nothing worse in business etiquette than being late. When you know the start time of a conference call, you really need to make every effort to be on time and present. You would most likely never dare to be late to a face to face meeting, so the same rules apply when it comes to conference call conversations. Be on time or be prepared to face the consequences of making a bad first impression.

Holding Isn’t Ideal

When using conference calls as your main source of interaction have innovation and technology on your side. However, putting your conference call on hold will most likely on distract others on the call. With music playing others in the meeting will hardly be able to focus on the matters at hand. If you have to get off the call, you should simply hang up and call back when you are free. No one ever really wants to hear the music that plays when a call is on hold anyway.

No Chewing and Talking

Basic manners do not go out the window simply because you are not face to face with clients or colleagues. It is never a good idea to chew food and speak at the same time. This means that you should avoid eating on a conference call. Simply get a snack before the call or wait until you have finished your business to indulge on a delicious treat. Try not to make any noises or disruptions that will cause a distraction. Simply be on your best behavior.

Wait Your Turn

Even if you can’t see others, you can still sense the flow of conversation. Do not speak over others and wait your turn to let your voice be heard. Confusion will only persist if you start trying to talk over others on the free conference calls. Be patient and your time will come to be heard.

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