Real-time conference controls

ConferenceLabs provides a beautiful visual interface to your audio conference call, which you can access via any web browser.

ConferenceLabs provides a simple visual interface to manage your conference in real time.

See updates in real time

  • As soon as someone joins your call, you’ll see their caller ID appear on the conference dashboard. Likewise, when they leave their ID will disappear from your view.

Manage individual callers

  • Access advanced in-conference controls to manage your call in real time, and apply settings to individuals participants.
  • As soon as a caller joins your conference, their caller ID will be displayed on your conference dashboard.
  • Simply click on the expand arrow next to their ID to access advanced controls.

Advanced options

Mute individual participants to eliminate background noise.
Apply 'earmuffs' to their line, and they won't be able to hear anything on the call until you remove them.
Drop callers at your discretion, providing full control over your conference call.