How to conference call

1-click conference calls with ConferenceLabs are quick and simple.

We’ve produced this short guide to help you get the most from your experience. Step through our 6-point guide to get the most from your experience.

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1. Create your account

Enter your email address in any of our registration boxes and sign up instantly for your free conference PIN.

Enter your email to sign up with 1-click

Your account will be activated immediately, and we’ll automatically sign you into your account area. You’ll also receive an email containing your PIN and login details, which you can use at any time

Account activation is instant, you can start your conference call in seconds


2. Configure your conference

Once signed in to your account, click on ‘Get started’ to configure your conference. All configuration is optional, and if you prefer you can skip this step and start your call immediately.

On your conference settings screen, you can select a range of options to adjust the behaviour of your call:

Custom greetings

  • ConferenceLabs will play a custom greeting using our advance ‘text to speech’ engine. Enter your message here (e.g. “Welcome to Simon’s conference call”) to have it played to your participants on entry.

Play welcome

  • Play your welcome message to new callers.

Announce callers

  • Record and play names of callers when they join. If you select off, then new joiners will be announced to the call with our default joining message.

Record call

  • Select this option if you would like to record your conference call. Calls are available for download as an mp3.

Click ‘Save’ to confirm and close your conference settings. You can return to these settings by clicking ‘Conference settings’ your account area at any time.


3. Start your conference

Congratulations! You’re now ready to start your conference call.

Simply agree a time and date, share your PIN, and dial in together to start your call.

Set a time and date for your call

  • Select a time and date for your call and agree to dial in together. For convenience, we have provided a simple shortcut in your account lower menu bar.
  • Share your conference call details, dial in together, and start your call.

Share your PIN

  • Share your PIN and dial-in number with call participants, and dial in to any access number.
  • After you connect, you will be asked to enter your 6-digit PIN to connect you to your call.

Dial in from any ConferenceLabs access number

  • We provide local access in 29 countries
  • Our platform is designed to work anywhere. You can dial in with any phone, even from a phone box!
  • No software, downloads or plugins required.


4. View your conference dashboard

After signing into your account, you will be able to view your conference dashboard:

ConferenceLabs offers a real-time view of your call, via our simple web-based platform

Real time view

  • As soon as someone joins your call, you’ll see their caller ID appear on the conference dashboard. Likewise, when they leave their ID will disappear from your view.
  • Our conference interface updates in real time, so you can see exactly when someone joins/leaves the call.
  • We've also added a 'speaking' icon to let you know who the current speaker is at all times.

Caller ID

  • A participant’s default caller ID shows their caller icon, caller ID, and phonenumber.
  • If you sync your account with your phone, email, or social contacts then this data is automatically updated to give rich social profile info.

Your conference PIN is always active, so you can dial in and use it at any time.


5. Manage your call

As soon as a caller joins your conference, their caller ID will be displayed in your conference dashboard.

Click on the expand arrow next to their ID to access advanced controls.

Use our advanced controls to manage your free conference call


  • Do you get tired of interference from background noise?
  • Now you can mute a caller to eliminate the distraction!


  • Want to temporarily exclude a caller from the conversation?
  • Apply 'earmuffs' to their line, and they won't be able to hear anything on the call until you remove them.


  • Drop callers at your discretion, providing full control over your conference call.


6. Conference history

Want to record, save and download calls?

View your conference history for a complete view of all your conferences. We capture everything, from the name and number of each participant, to name recordings of entrants, and high quality HD audio of every recorded call.

Download your calls in MP3 format by right clicking, and selecting 'Save As...'.