Start your conference

It's simple. Share your PIN with other callers, ask each person to dial in to our access number at the same time, enter your PIN and start talking. Your conference is active as soon as the first person joins.
No, all our services are available at any time. Your PIN is active and you can start your call as soon as you register.
No, all you need is your phone. Simply dial our access number, enter your PIN and your conference will start immediately. To access advanced features, you can log into your account from any laptop, PC, or smartphone and view your conference in real time via any browser.
You can connect up to 100 callers to your conference at any one time. That’s up to 5 x the capacity of most other conferencing providers.

Key features

Your ConferenceView page displays all participants on your call, and updates in real time as they join and leave. View their caller ID, or click "play name" to hear the caller's name recording (if provided).

Share this page with other callers to enhance their call experience, and sign into your account for advanced in-call settings like mute and earmuffs.
Yes, your ConferenceView page displays all the participants on your call, and highlights anyone talking by placing a speech bubble next to their user icon. This lets you identify quickly and easily who's speaking on your call.
"Earmuffs" allow you to exclude someone from the conversation to talk privately during a call. Simply click the earmuff icon on their user profile, they are notified they are earmuffed and won't be able to hear anything whilst you speak. However, you will still be able to hear them speak if they need to contact you.
If you need to mute someone because of background noise or any other reason, simply click on the mute icon next to their name. They are notified they are muted, but will still be able to hear the rest of the conversation.

Your PIN

Yes, your PIN is unique to you, and yours to keep for life.
No. Your PIN is a unique combination generated specifically for you. If you’d like to use another PIN, simply register with a different email address.
Yes, your PIN is yours for life. You can use it as often (or as little) as you like.
Your PIN is used to access your conference room. To start your conference simply share your PIN with your callers, dial in at the same time, and start talking!

A temporary password is generated for you when you first register, and sent to your email address. You can use this to sign in and use our advanced settings, such as custom messages and visual call controls.

Your account

When you register, we send a temporary password to your email address. You can use this to sign into your account to access advanced features, like custom messages and visual call controls.
Simple, just log into your account, click on "my account", and "account settings" to enter a new password.
Yes, just click "sign in", and then on the "forgot password" link. Enter your email address and we will send it to you immediately.
Your PIN and account is yours for life, free of charge. If you don't want to use your PIN, simply stop using it. You don't need to notify us.

Conference settings

Simply sign into your account and enter your own welcome message in your conference settings. Your message will be played to all callers on entrance to your conference.
Yes, if you prefer not to ask callers to record their names or announce these on joining, you can simply disable this in your conference settings.
If you would like to record your call, sign into your account and select “record calls” in your settings. Please note, if you record a call, this is announced to callers on entry to the conference.
Yes. Sign into your account to see a history of all your previous conferences, including participants that joined, and a recording of the call (if selected).

How much does it cost?

Yes way. All our services are completely free. You only pay the cost of your phone call, which starts from 4.3p/min (+VAT). Call costs will be shown on your phone bill in the same way as any other call.
No, all our premium features (including see who’s on your call, know who’s calling, and visual call controls) are absolutely free. All you need to do is register and sign into your account.
Simple. We receive a revenue share on the cost of your phone call.