See who's on your call

Use our simple visual interface to see who is on the call and who is speaking at any time.

Sync your account with your addressbook to view caller names, social profiles and more. Never have to ask for a 'roll call' again!

Mute, 'earmuff', or drop callers

Click individual caller profiles to access advanced controls. Mute people to remove background noise, or put 'earmuffs' on people if you don't want them to hear something.

Customise your own greeting

Customise a welcome greeting, played to each caller when they join your conference.

Use our advanced text-to-speech engine to create your own personalised conference call. Use your own company identity to create a professional call experience.

Save and download call recordings

Record your conference calls, save them to your conference history, and download to share with others.

Store your entire conference history completely free, and access detailed call logs including date/time, call duration, and caller IDs.