Term Definition
Access code A set of numbers that are entered once the dial-in number has been called. The access code ensures that the caller is admitted to the right conference and that the call is routed correctly.
Agenda A list of items and conversation topics that need to be discussed in the meeting.
Audio conferencing A conference meeting that is conducted only using your voice. And a phone.
Caller announcement A feature that lets participants record their own name before the call starts which in then played into the conference to announce the fact that they have joined.
Conference bridge A facility dedicated to connecting many phone lines together to allow the various participants to attend.
Conference call A meeting held between two or more participants using phones and a conferencing service.
Conference provider A company that provides the facility for holding the conference call.
Dial-in number A phone number that each participant needs to call to access the conference.
Drop (feature) Drop callers to disconnect them from the conference.
Earmuffs (feature) Add earmuffs to a caller to exclude them from hearing other participants on the call.
Mute (feature) Mute callers to silences all audio from their connection to the conference.
Participant A person that attends a conference call.
PIN Personal Identification Number. See Access code.
Reservationless A conference call that does not need prior reservation with the service provider. All ConferenceLabs calls are reservationless, and available 24/7.
Telephone conference A meeting held between two or more participants using telephones, mobile phones or online call services such as Skype. Can also be called a teleconference.
Transcript A text version of the entire conference call.
VoIP VoiceOver Internet Protocol. Technology that allows the participants to stream audio through the computer.
Web conferencing A online meeting held via the internet which can include video as well as audio. The computer is used to interact between participants.
Webinar A seminar that is held over the internet.