Our vision

Our vision is to simplify collaboration. ConferenceLabs makes conference calling easy. Set up is immediate with 1-click, and conferences can be viewed in real time via a visual interface.

We were one of the first innovators in the space to offer an free conference service with a web based platform, with a focus on building a reliable and robust infrastructure from the ground up.

Our difference

Free conference calls - our difference

Low cost

  • All our services are completely free. We don't charge any setup fees, and no contracts are required. You only pay for the cost of your own phone call. This makes us over 90% cheaper than other conference call providers.

No contracts or fees

  • Anyone can sign up for a free PIN. We don't have contracts, and don't charge fees. Unlike other conference services, your account is approved as soon as you register your email. We don't charge any fees, so you'll never get an invoice or bill from us.

Premium features included

  • Some free conference call providers charge extra for premium services, like branded welcome messages, call recording, or conference reports. With ConferenceLabs all these features (and more) are included free. And they always will be.

Unlimited conference minutes

  • We don't limit the number of call minutes on any account. You can use your PIN as often and as frequently as you like, any time of day, any day of the week! It's yours for life.

Available 24/7, no booking required

  • ConferenceLabs operates a reservationless conference system. All our processes are fully automated, which means you can use your PIN on demand, whenever you want. No need to phone ahead or book a timeslot for a conference, your PIN is yours for your exclusive use.

International access

  • Our global infrastructure allows us to offer local access in 18 countries around the world, with more to follow. We're one of the largest conference call operators worldwide, meaning you can access your conference from wherever you are.