ConferenceLabs launches instant 1-click conference calls.

Free conference call service gives users immediate access to audio conferencing, making setting up and managing a conference call quick, simple and cost-effective.

ConferenceLab's visual interface allows you to manage your call in real time

LONDON (UK), 16th April 2014.

ConferenceLabs, a UK-based collaboration start-up, announces the launch of its free audio conferencing service targeting small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).

Visitors to can set-up a conference call in just seconds. Accounts are completely free, with 1-click signup, and no contract or fees. Simply enter your email address, share your unique PIN, dial in and start your call. Callers can dial in with any phone and start a conference immediately.

ConferenceLabs also offers a simple web interface, which provides a real time view of the conference. Users are able to see who’s on a call, who’s talking at any time, and can manage calls via simple controls. Individuals can even sync their contacts to provide detailed social profiles of each caller.

“Our vision is to simplify collaboration. Standard conference calls can be expensive, time consuming to set up, and difficult to use. Our service is free, instant and provides a visual interface that shows calls in real time.” says Andy McCombie, Director of ConferenceLabs. “Small businesses can save time and money, whilst making conference calls clear and simple.”


McCombie says: “We looked areas where we could improve the way small businesses communicate, and saw that audio conferencing just needed to be simpler. If you remove the cost and complexity, it becomes one of the most effective ways to collaborate."

"It’s a growing market, but one that has had little innovation over the last 25 years. So we built a service that makes conference calling quick and easy. Setup is immediate with 1-click, conferences can be viewed in real time via a web interface, and it still works anywhere, using any phone“.

Conferences can include up to 100 participants. Services are available across 18 countries worldwide, including the UK, Europe and USA. To learn more about ConferenceLabs’ innovative approach to conference calls, please visit

About ConferenceLabs

ConferenceLabs provides 1-click conference calls. Launched in 2014, the company is one of the UK’s most exciting startups, focused on developing innovative solutions to disrupt the traditional audio conferencing market.

ConferenceLabs provides a free audio conferencing service with a simple visual interface, allowing users to see who’s on the call and who’s speaking at any time. Sign up instantly, share your PIN, and start your call. Dial in with any phone, no software required.

To learn more about ConferenceLabs please visit
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