Visual call interface

ConferenceLab's visual interface allows you to manage your call in real time

Real time view

  • ConferenceLabs offers a beautiful visual interface to your conference call, allowing you to see who’s on your call and who’s speaking at any time.

Social caller ID

  • Each caller is represented by a visual caller ID. If you’ve synced your social contacts, you also get access to a rich social profile for each caller. You can see if a caller is speaking via the animated speaker icon to the right of their name.

Advanced call controls

  • As callers join and leave a call, their IDs will be displayed in the interface. Click on ‘expand’ to access additional advanced controls to manage the experience of each user on the call. You can mute, ‘earmuff’ or drop callers at any stage.

Accessible web platform

  • We provide a robust web-based platform, so there’s no software or plugins to download. You can access your interface by signing into your account at any time via any browser.
  • Don’t have internet? Don’t worry, our conference system has been designed to be accessible from anywhere – you can still dial in with any phone to participate in the conference. Phoneboxes included!